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Win Superb Koi!

Win this Koi!

To celebrate the launch of the fish food KoiExcellence, Tetra, are offering UK water gardeners the chance to win one of three top Tategoi (illustrated). In conjunction with Nishikigoi International magazine the company have secured three koi from leading Japanese breeders, which anyone has the chance of winning. From their photographs place them in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd as they are now, and then how you think they will be in a year’s time after being fed on Tetra KoiExcellence click here.

Koi Hotel Web-site Launched

The latest web-site from Nishikigoi International has been especially developed to provide information to Koi enthusiasts wishing to visit the koi farming districts of Japan. aims to provide information and prices on some of the leading hotels in Nagaoka and Ojiya, plus some places to eat and visit. In addition it will also include JR Narita express and Shinkannsen timetables, prices and information.

New Electronic Auto-fill Controller

Aquamedia Corp of San Diego, California has developed a new electronic auto-fill water levelling controller for garden and koi ponds. It can be installed in less than an hour and does not require a licensed plumber or electrician. Unlike some mechanical floats, it will not corrode, rust, stick, jam or cause the pond to overflow. Further details click here.

The Spiral Flow Pipe

The Spiral Flow Pipe looks like any ordinary PVC pipe that might be used in pond construction. However, it has internal blades, which create an internal spiral shape that helps to prevent the establishment of harmful bacteria and micro-organisms that breed in a straight pipe. The Spiral Flow pipe is available in three standard PVC pipe sizes. Further information click here.

Pond Fizz Tabs

Pond Fizz Tabs from Jungle Laboratories are pre-measured, fast-dissolving tablets that make pond maintenance easy, according to the manufacturer. The Pond Fizz Tabs provide a number of treatment options, including water conditioner, water clarifier, fungus treatment, parasite treatment and white spot treatment.
Details click here.

2007 Waterlily and Water Gardening Society Symposium

It has been announced that the first Asian symposium of the IWGS will be held during July next year in Bangkok, Thailand at the King Rama 9 Public Garden, followed by post symposium activities in Chiang Mai.The symposium will be hosted by the Thai Waterlily Lovers Club and the Agricultural Sciences Foundation of Thailand. There will also be an opportunity to attend the Chinese Lotus Festival in Bangkok. Further details click here.

Universal Rocks

Universal Rocks America have introduced a range of artificial rocks, including landscape rocks, edge rocks and other designs that are idea for use in waterside and waterfall construction. The interior is made of high-density polyurethane and the outside is coated with bush rock. For further details click here.

Bring Sound to the Waterside

The Rock Monitor 60-SM from Paradigm is a high-performance stereo/mono outdoor "rock" speaker that offers two channels of sound (left and right) from a single speaker. The rock’s sealed cabinet is a weather, water, and UV-resistant polymer with self-draining fissures. The speaker is available in three textured, faux-stone finishes: Fieldstone, North-eastern Dark Granite or Western Sandstone. Further information click here.

Promoting Clean, Clear Water

WaterMark UV lights promote clean, clear water for a healthy aquatic environment. These light-driven filtration systems also have a safety feature to prevent UV-C radiation exposure. According to the manufacturer this solution delivers efficient, chemical-free filtration for any water garden or koi pond, according to the manufacturer. Further details click here.

A New Scented Waterside Bamboo

Phyllostachys atrovaginata ‘Green Perfume’ is a new winter-hardy waterside bamboo, which is shortly to be introduced to gardeners by Dutch bamboo specialist Jan Oprins. Originating from China, it is a straight, upright-growing plant, which reaches a height of 5-8m (16-26ft). The shoots are edible. When the young stalks are rubbed the scent of incense is released. It enjoys damp conditions and flourishes in wet soils at the water’s edge.

New Zealand Aquatic Plant Species Guide

Those who are interested in learning more about the structure and life cycles of both native and introduced aquatic plants can see a good review on the NIWA web-site. The most extensive and interesting section concerns submerged aquatic plants. To visit click here.

Latest Waterfall Pumps from EasyPro

EasyPro Pond Products are now offering 8000 and 10000 gph Waterfall Pumps, which are large volume waterfall pumps ideal for higher head applications, according to the manufacturer. Features include compact design, continuous duty, air-filled motors and a double mechanical seal. They should now be available from distributors in North America.

Tufa Pots Water Features

Tufa Pots are New Zealand-based makers of hand-crafted water features, birdbaths, planters, garden art and furniture. Hypertufa is traditionally made from a mixture of sand, pumice and peat, but Tufa Pots has added a few secret ingredients to strengthen the product and enhance the finish. Starting from scratch, with piles of raw ingredients, Steve Archer and Dave Taylor mix, mould and scrape each piece individually, Further details click here.

Upgraded Ultraviolet Clarifiers

Now upgraded with a reflective stainless steel insert, TetraPond GreenFree Ultraviolet Clarifiers are engineered to remove heavy algae blooms and permanently destroy the reproductive ability of suspended algae that causes green water, according to the manufacturer. The reflective stainless steel insert shields the inside of the plastic housing, protecting it from UV degradation and reflecting UV rays back through the algae. Further details click here.

To visit International Water Gardener and the other regional Water Gardener web-sites click here.

Happy Water Gardening

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