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Aquatic Art Competition Results

The Overall Winner

According to the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society, their first Annual Aquatic Art Competition exceeded all expectations both with respect to the number of entries received and the calibre of the artwork. Each category winner received an award with their artwork on it. The artist with the best artwork was adjudged to be Dan Rutledge, who received "The Lily" trophy. Photo: IWGS. Details click here.

Aquatic Nasties

Aquatic Nasties In Water Near You by Louise Thomas, is published in the Alpha series by the Royal Society of New Zealand for use in formal educational curricula. "Alien aquatic plants are invading a waterway near you. If you live in the South Island, infestations of Didymo, Didymosphenia geminata, are plaguing the waterways and regularly featuring in the national news, or if you live in the North Island, maybe your local stream or lake is fouled with Alligator Weed, Alternanthera philoxeroides, or Hornwort, Ceratophyllum demersum." This Alpha on aquatic nasties also covers algal blooms.

Winterizing a Pond

Winterizing a Pond is the title of the final practical seminar of 2006 from Baltimore, Ontario, Canada-based Burns Water Gardens. There are two sessions, at 10am and 2pm respectively on 30th September. It is essential to book ahead and you are asked to take your coat and your questions. Details click here.

New TetraPond De-Icer

TetraPond has introduced the TetraPond De-Icer. This helps keep an area of the pond ice-free during the winter and prevents smaller ponds from freezing solid, according to the manufacturer. This energy-efficient model uses only 300 watts and is effective in temperatures as low as -20ºF degrees. It is powered with a thermostat that shuts the power off and restarts as needed for maximum efficiency. Further information click here.

Bigger Pumps, Longer Cords

Fountain Mountain Inc. is now featuring big pumps with long cords. These energy-efficient models pump up to 6,500 gph and come with 30-foot, 100-foot, 150-foot and 200-foot cords. These pumps are UL-approved and feature standard pipe threading. For more information click here.

Firestone Heat-weldable Membrane Released

Firestone Specialty Products has released the MultiLiner RPP Geomembrane, a flexible, heat-weldable polyester reinforced membrane. Benefits include puncture resistance, no-stress cracking or crazing after accelerated weathering, low water vapour permeance and water absorption, according to the manufacturer. Further information click here.

Inaugural Malaysia Open Wakagoi Championship

All koi-keepers and enthusiasts are invited to the inaugural Malaysia Open Wakagoi Show and Championship 2006, which will be held at Sentul Park Boulevard, Sentul on 23rd and 24th September 2006. The contest is open to all koi hobbyists and enthusiasts. Details click here.

Oase Withdraw From GLEE

It has been reported that multi-national water gardening product supplier Oase have withdrawn from the UK trade exhibition GLEE 2006. Annie Dyke, Petindex Sales Manager confirmed that was so, but said: "We have a fantastic show in store this year. Demand from exhibitors across the pet and aquatic’s industries has been exceptional. The reported contraction of GLEE’s Water Gardening section has in fact been largely due to Oase, who took the decision to withdraw from this year’s Glee to support their home show in Germany. However, we are delighted that Oase have already indicated their intention to return to GLEE in 2007" she said.

The Thermoplanter

Black River Nursery, has introduced the Thermoplanter, a new piece of equipment for waterlily enthusiasts that is designed to extend the growing season of tropical waterlilies. The Thermoplanter creates a micro-climate around the plant, using less than 70 watts of power. Details click here.

Koi Drag at Orient Koi Farm

This will take place at Orient Koi Farm, Gauteng, South Africa
The program is:-

10:30am Arrival and disinfecting process.

11:00am The drag starts. All clients will participate in the drag under the watchful eyes of Orient staff.

13:00pm Lunch time. At this time the harvest will be graded.

Further information click here.

Rare Phragmites Offered
Phragmites karka ‘Variegata’ is one of the rarest and most unusual marginal aquatics. This is now available from Epic Plant Company, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. Originating in Japan, this choice reed rarely grows more than 90cm (36in) high, and produces green leaves that are strikingly striped with white. It may be late in the season to buy one now, but be sure to book one for next season as they will doubtless sell quickly. Further information click here.

Algae Witch Launched

M² Polymer Technologies has released the Algae Witch, an algae removal tool that has a light-weight, cast-aluminum rod 6-feet long with an attached brush. To clean the brush, pull back on the brush handle. The brush passes through a comb that removes the collected algae into a pail. It should be available now through water garden suppliers in North America.

Aquatics at GLEE

A number of new aquatics bookings and thriving pet exhibitor attendance mean that the UK trade GLEE Petindex exhibition is expanding this year. The additional interest brings the combined Hall 4 Aquatics, Pet and Water Gardening presence to a higher level than 2005’s record-breaking show, with around 280 companies.Taking place at the NEC Birmingham from 17th-19th September, nearly every key brand in the aquatic and water-related sectors will be represented. Focusing on the complementary interests of garden ponds, decorative statuary and outdoor water features, the adjoining Water Gardening section will include around thirty exhibitors including Henri Studio, Gordon Low, Heissner, AquaBio International and Aqua Hydrotech.

New European Hardy Waterlilies

Several new hardy Nymphaea have been formally registered with the Water Gardeners International Checklist . Their details can be found here.’Pattern Ruby’ ('Arc en Ciel' x 'Rotkäppchen') bred by Dieter Bechthold from Germany and several, including ‘Niki’ and ‘Thalia’, produced by Andreas Protopapas in Cyprus.

Niigata Koi Disease Free

Mr Hajime Isa has given his 5th and final report on the KHV (Koi Herpes Virus) outbreak for the Niigata prefecture. Niigata is the Japanese prefecture made famous for being the birth place of koi, and has been given the all clear to lift restraints on the distribution of their koi. KHV has been eradicated totally from all their stocks. Further information click here.

New Savio Weir

Savio Engineering have introduced a 31-inch installable weir that will accommodate a cascading waterfall. The weir also works as a small filter. The filtration system can be retrofitted to existing ponds, and pond-free systems, with flow rates up to 10,000 gallons per hour. Two faceplate spillways and a media grate for stones or potted plants are included. Details click here.

Carp Control Using KHV

A two-year project has been established to investigate the effectiveness of using the Koi Herpes Virus as a way to control strains of carp present in Australian water bodies, and will examine whether the virus will have any impact on native fauna. "The virus works by attacking the carp's gills as well as other vital organs and eventually killing its host," said Marc Crane the project leader. "Koi Herpes Virus is attractive as a biological control agent as overseas studies suggest that it has a very limited host range, infecting only carp."

And Finally - "When is a fish not a fish?"

When is a fish not a fish? When it is a giant killer reptile with four legs and sharp teeth. Politicians in Australia have been pondering the meaning of "fish" and have passed new laws making it clear crocodiles should be fish too. The decision is at odds with the arbiter of the Australian English language, the Macquarie Dictionary, which rules that fish are "completely aquatic vertebrates, having gills, commonly fins, and typically an elongated body usually covered with scales". Further information click here.

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