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GLEE Product Awards - Aquatics - 2006

The international Garden and Leisure Exhibition product awards have been announced. A team of fifteen expert judges from the garden, pet and leisure industries studied more than two hundred and eighty GLEE New Product entries in fourteen categories. The products were rated for innovation, design and originality; how well products met the gardener’s needs; and any unique features or technologies setting the product apart from competitors. They were also judged for quality, fitness for purpose, environmental impact and value for money. The following are those that are particularly relevant to water gardeners.

Water Gardening - Blagdon Powersafe Armoured Garden Power Supply - Interpet

Judges' Comment: "This brilliantly packaged system has everything necessary to fit an outside electrical box legally. Including circuit breaker, plug, armoured cable, bracket, connector and even waterproof putty."

Best Export Potential - Goodbye Green Water - Nishikoi Aquaculture Ltd

Judges' Comment: "This is an innovative, 100% natural, bio-friendly treatment based on a unique patent. Quite simply, it works. With no mess, no measuring and no chemicals, it's extremely user-friendly."


This is a very rewarding web-site to visit even if your pond is not in crisis. It leads the pond owner through a series of steps that help towards deciding what the problem is if you have one, or alternatively the information can be used to tell you how to avoid trouble in the future. To visit click here.

New UV from Sentry

Sentry Ultraviolet Inc. has introduced a UV Titanium PVC Stainless Steel-Lined UV, which comes stainless lined or unlined. The PVC has titanium added in liquid form to help reflect UV. The ballast has LEDs showing the unit has power and a new Lamp Out sensor showing if the lamp is on or working. This unit is American made and according to the manufacturer can be used as a sterilizer or clarifier. Further information click here.

Ponds from Garden Pools

Garden Pools manufacture polyethylene and fibre glass pools for supply to a large range of garden centres and water garden specialists throughout New Zealand. Their ponds and pools are often used as reservoirs for ornamental water features and fountains. The ponds, pools and waterfalls are easy to install. Further information click here.

Canna Bulletin

A new Bulletin has been published about the Royal Horticultural Society’s trial at their Wisley garden last year. The trial comprised a wide diversity of cultivars, numbering 152 in total, including a several that are commonly grown as marginal aquatic plants. The Bulletin gives details of 22 AGM (Award of Garden Merit) winning cultivars, and contains pictures and comprehensive descriptions of each AGM Canna. Also advice on cultivation, possible threats from pests and diseases and details of other cultivars in the trial. It is available from click here, either by sending for as a print copy, or by downloading a pdf file.

Rock Face Boulders and Panels

For those landscaping a water garden or koi pond, the range of Rockworld of Cape Town’s rock face boulders and panels are difficult to surpass. These are manufactured from glass fibre reinforced concrete. This is a Portland cement-based composite with alkali-resistant glass fibres that are randomly dispersed through out the product. These fibres serve a purpose similar to that of the steel required for reinforced concrete.The fibres having less mass, giving the boulders and panels a substantially lower weight, without compromising their strength. Further information click here.

Prazipro Parasite Treatment

Hikari Sales USA Inc. of Hayward, California have introduced PraziPro to its Pond Solutions line of water conditioners. PraziPro treats internal and external parasites and can also be used as a preventative when adding suspect fish or plants to prevent potential problems. PraziPro can be used in both freshwater and saltwater and does not negatively affect biological filtration.

Small Fountain Protector

Small Fountain Protector prevents; sludge, ammonia, cloudy water and mineral deposits from forming and keeps fountain pumps and water lines free from organic build-up for maximum efficiency. It enhances the performance of all beneficial bacteria naturally found in fountains. It is manufactured from natural enzymes, which safely break down organic contaminate. A food-grade enzyme, non-toxic, biodegradable, bacteria free and 100% environmentally friendly. Safe for rubber, plastic, stone and ceramic fountains. Safe for wildlife, aquatic life and pets, when used as directed.

To visit International Water Gardener and the other regional Water Gardener web-sites click here.

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