Wednesday, September 27, 2006


US Fish Importation Regulations - 30 Day Extension Granted

A temporary reprieve

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has announced a 30-day extension before new regulations affecting the importation of koi and goldfish go into effect. The new rules will now become effective October 30th, 2006, rather than September 29th as originally planned. The US government said it delayed the implementation date because importers and exporters of koi and goldfish, as well as some foreign governments, requested additional time to prepare for the changes.

The new regulations pertain to live fish, fertilized eggs and gametes of fish susceptible to Spring Viremia of Carp (SVC). These include koi and goldfish.
The regulations’ provisions include requiring an import permit and health certificate indicating that the shipment originated in an SVC-free region; limited shipments to only certain designated United States ports of entry; and meeting certain containment requirements while in transit within the United States. Importers are also subject to user fees for obtaining the import permits and port of entry inspections.

International Waterlily Society Hall of Fame 2006 - Rich Sacher

Only one award to the Hall of Fame was made by the IWGS at their annual symposium in Florida this year. This was to Rich Sacher, owner of American Aquatic Gardens in New Orleans, Louisiana. A tireless hybridiser of waterlilies, he is the author of "Hybridizing Waterlilies: State of the Art", recently published by IWGS.

Fish Next?

The UK Wyevale Garden Centres' Group move to cease trading in live animals has been welcomed by Animal Aid, an organisation that claims garden centres are totally unsuitable environments in which to sell animals as they encourage impulse buying. Animal Aid is continuing to press Wyevale to phase out the sale of ornamental fish from its aquatics concessions. A spokesman for Animal Aid said: "We will be pressing Wyevale to stop these sales too. After all, fish are animals and are deserving of the same level of care and consideration."

Fountain Scents

American manufacturer Jungle Labs has introduced a product called Fountain AcScents. This is a new fountain product that combines water conditioners with a subtle fragrance in a fizz tab formula. Used weekly, the product protects water pumps from damage caused by hard water deposits and white scale. Fountain AcScents are available in Spicy Citrus, Creamy Vanilla, Cherry Grove, Fresh Mint, Gardenia and an unscented version.

Ugly Goldfish Operation

A disfigured fish at a museum in Scotland has undergone surgery to remove a lump from its head, after visitors complained about its appearance. The goldfish at the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh had the "harmless but unsightly" lump removed from its head during surgery paid for by museum visitors. According to a report from The Scotsman newspaper, although the fish showed no signs of distress due to the growth, scientists at the museum decided that the fish should undergo surgery to remove it. A spokesman told the paper that the fish's eye also had to be removed along with the lump during surgery.

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